Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezers

Waeco CF-11  Portable Freezer Waeco CoolFreeze CF-26 Portable Fridge/Freezer
Waeco 10.5 litre Waeco 18 litre Waeco 25 litre Waeco 31 litre   
CoolFreeze CF-11 CoolFreeze CDF-18 CoolFreeze CF-26 CoolFreeze CF-35   
Dometic CoolFreeze CFX35   Mobicool FR40 Portable Fridge  Waeco CoolFreeze Waeco CFX-40 
Waeco 32 litre Budget 38 litre Waeco 37 litre  Waeco 38 litre Heavy Duty
CoolFreeze CFX-35 Mobicool FR40 CoolFreeze CF-40  CoolFreeze CFX-40
Waeco CFX-50 CoolFreeze  Waeco CoolFreeze CFX-65 CoolFreeze Portable Freezer CoolFreeze CFX 95 DZ2 
Waeco 46 litre    Waeco 60 litre Heavy Duty Waeco 80 litre Waeco 85 litre Dual Zone
CoolFreeze CFX-50   CoolFreeze CFX-65  CoolFreeze CF-80 CoolFreeze CFX-95-DZ2
Coolmatic Portable Fridge Freezer Waeco CoolFreeze Heavy Duty Professional Portable Compressor Fridges Coolfreeze Spare Power Leads 24V Mains Power Supply
Waeco 106 litre Euroengel Heavy Duty Spare Power Leads Compressor Cool Box
CoolFreeze CF-110 for Specialist Applications 12/24V Mains Power Supply

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