Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezers

Waeco CF-11  Waeco CoolFreeze CF-26 Dometic CFX-35W
Dometic 10.5 litre Dometic 21.5 litre Dometic 32 litre
CoolFreeze CF-11 CoolFreeze CF-26 CoolFreeze CFX-35W
Mobicool FR40 Dometic CFX-40W Waeco CFX-50 CoolFreeze
Budget 40 litre Dometic 38 litre Dometic Waeco 46 litre      
Dometic Mobicool FR40 CoolFreeze CFX-40W CoolFreeze CFX-50       
Waeco CoolFreeze CFX-65 CoolFreeze CFX 95 DZ2 Waeco CoolFreeze Heavy Duty Professional Portable Compressor Fridges
 Dometic Waeco 60 litre Dometic 85 litre Dual Zone Euroengel Heavy Duty
CoolFreeze CFX-65   CoolFreeze CFX-95-DZ2 for Specialist Applications
  Coolfreeze Spare Power Leads    
  Spare Power Leads    

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