Cooling Products

Caldura Compact Mini Fridges   Mini Fridges Mini Coolers Wine Coolers
Compact Silent Running Portable Mini Fridges Wine Coolers
Mini Fridges Mini Fridges and Mini Bars 12V/Mains Extensive Range of Sizes
Thermo Electric Coolboxes Thermo-electric Coolbags Full Sized Cool Boxes Foldable, Freezable Cool Bags
Mains, 12V Thermo- Mains, 12V Thermo- Full Size (41 - 111 litre) Foldable, Freezable Coolbags
Electric Cool Boxes Electric Cool Bags Non Powered Heavy Duty Coolboxes      Food safe refrigeration
      for up to 10 hours
Portable Fridge/Freezers Mobicool C40 Mobicool CK40D Hybrid Fridge/Freezer Dometic RC1200 3 Way Fridge
Mains, 12/24V Mains Only Mains, 12V Hybrid Gas, Mains, 12V
Fridge/Freezers Fridge/Freezer Fridge/Freezer Fridge

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