Wine Cellars by Dometic

Wine connoisseurs, gourmets and gastronomes all agree: for wines to be able to develop to their full potential, both the storage conditions and the serving temperature have to be right. Ensuring this has been our job for decades. As a specialist for mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions, we’ve developed a comprehensive product range devoted to solutions for storing wines. The elegant MaCave wine storage cabinets and winecellars from Dometic have proven themselves equally well in private homes and the specialty retail wine and gastronomy sectors. They satisfy the highest quality standards and are available in many sizes and models.

Dometic MaCave D15 Dual Zone Wine Cooler  Dometic MaCave S17 Dometic S24 MaCave Wine Cooler  Dometic MaCave A25 Wine Cellar  Dometic MaCave S46 Wine Chiller
16-23 Bottle Dual Zone 17-23 Bottle Dual Zone 24-28 Bottle Built-In 25 Bottle Silent Running 46-60 Bottle Dual Zone
Dometic MaCave D15 Dometic MaCave S17G Dometic MaCave S24G  Dometic MaCave A25G  Dometic MaCave S46G 
Dometic MaCave S118 Wine Cellar  Dometic MaCave A192G Wine Cellar  Dometic MaCave A192D Wine Cellar  Dometic MaCave ST198D Wine Cellar 
118-198 Bottle Dual Zone 192 Bottle Silent Running 192 Bottle Silent Running 198 Bottle Single Zone
Dometic MaCave S118G  Dometic MaCave A192G Dometic MaCave A192D Dometic MaCave ST198D